Workshops or Classes for your Business

I have a range of Workshops, Classes and lessons available to businesses.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Professional looking Images for your Business Marketing & Advertising

Content can include any or all:

  • Know your DSLR - Basics (as per beginners class)

  • Composition & Psychology of images in business (marketing & advertising – how to sell with images & vids)

  • Photography for businesses on a budget - inc. phone photos & apps

  • Professional looking Images for your marketing - inc. sizing, resolution, clarity, message

  • SEO Keyword Packing your images – and increase your business internet searchability

  • Lighting for photography on a budget

  • Photography with Creativity on a budget

  • Product photography

  • Editing & Post production

Let me know what you would like included into your “Photography for Business” lessons.


Some discounts apply depending on your business circumstances - let me know what you want & I can

provide ideas & a quote - Message me CLICK here

WORKSHOPS FOR BUSINESS - Workshops to help get your business pumping for 2019

  • CREATIVES (Suits anyone who has a hobby or talent wanting to make money from it)

    1. How to Price your offerings

    2. How to say "NO" to users & people who want to take advantage of you and your business​

    3. The art of Selling your work


    1. Instagram for Beginners ​(business)

    2. Facebook for Beginners (business)



PUBLIC CLASSES - Refer to the Revolving Calendar page of the website

  • Set content & keynote delivery

  • 10 minutes for the entire class to ask questions

  • Venue booked, date/time set in advance

  • Class duration set in advance



  • Adaptable relevant content to suit your business needs specifically

  • All questions answered as they present themselves

  • Venue can be your Business premises or venue to suit.

  • Dates, times & class duration are flexible for mutual convenience

Please consult your tax agent as these classes may be tax deductible if it is a business expense.

Feel free to contact me to discuss lessons, content, dates, times which may suit you.


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